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how can you help the Emmaus Arts
Our mission is to enrich and enhance the quality of life within Emmaus and the surrounding area by educating residents about the arts and promoting an active interaction that will deepen their appreciation of the arts. You can help by volunteering your time and talent to help us develop projects and present them.
WHO is the Emmaus Arts Commission
How can you help the EAC
Calendar of Events

How You Can Help EAC

The Emmaus Arts Commission is a premier community organization located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to encourage and promote all of the arts and to develop an appreciation of the arts, through dance, theater, film, fine art and music. The commission is made up of volunteer professionals who are highly-respected in the arts field. After a successful two years, the commission has set its goals and has scheduled several events to take place throughout the year.  It is our goal to provide you with the utmost publicity, marketing opportunity and exposure as a partner. Please note that all sponsorship level amounts are meant as a guideline and are subject to discussion. Exposure for such events include prominent positioning on print material such as posters and flyers, placement in event handouts and placement on our websites.

The arts commission will be hosting events such as:

  • Artist Exibitions
  • Student Films Festivals
  • Art and Gardening Events
  • Art Walks
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