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Emmaus Arts Commission
The Emmaus Arts Commission was created by Emmaus Borough Council to encourage civic participation in the arts through the promotion of dance, music, theater, film, and fine art within our community. The EAC is proud to be supported by Borough Council and area businesses, bringing events to the community such as Art in the Garden, the Front Porch Art Walk, Snowblast Winter Festival, and the Student Horror Film Festival.
WHO is the Emmaus Arts Commission
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Calendar of Events

Who We Are

With the backing of Emmaus Borough Council and the surrounding businesses, the Emmaus Arts Commission focuses on the delivery of arts such as dance, music, theater, film and fine art exhibitions to the general public.

Our events such as Rain Barrel Art Silent Auction, Chalk the Walk, Strings Camp, Student Horror Film Festival and SnowBlast Winter Festival are among the programs sponsored by the Emmaus Arts Commission.

What's Happening?

2014 Rain Barrel Art Call for Artists

The Emmaus Arts Commission (EAC) is gearing up for our fourth annual Rain Barrel Art Silent Auction and we are inviting artists to paint rain barrels and showcase their talents to hundreds of people and help promote environmentally friendly concepts. If you are interested in participating in this program, READ MORE

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